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Parent Testimonials

Read what our parents are saying!

"My children both started at the Nurturing Nook when they were only six weeks old. It was tough to leave them at such a young age and return to work, but I felt better knowing they were in great hands.  The teachers and staff are wonderful and caring. The kids are constantly doing fun activities and getting a chance to socialize with their peers. I would, and have, recommended the Nurturing Nook to anyone and everyone who is looking for a wonderful, safe and welcoming environment for the most precious person (or people) in their lives.”

"The teachers have showed how much they absolutely love what they do by taking the time to really get to know each child and family, individually. The teachers greet me by my first name when I drop off and pick up my son, they always take the time to tell me something special he did each day, and most importantly really show that they care for my son's individual needs.  I have seen my son really grow in this classroom, partially because he's reaching that age of talking more and the other part being that the amazing teachers have been working on words and lessons with him constantly. There is nothing more important than feeling comfortable with who you are leaving your child with each day and I have always felt that my son is in amazing hands.  Thank you for all that you do!"

"The Nurturing Nook has exceeded all my expectations in providing a welcoming, safe, compassionate and loving environment for my children to learn."

"My daughter attended The Nurturing Nook many years ago...she just graduated from college!  The Nook always had friendly staff, great programming, and responsive owners.  They are NAEYC accredited and have a 5 star rating from Young Star."

"The Nurturing Nook is great!  The Nook does whatever they can do to improve themselves.  I know the teachers are great, they love the kids and the kids love them.  Their program is wonderful.  They really take the kids interests and work them into the plans and program."

"Our son has benefited so much by attending the Nurturing Nook.  He has learned so much both socially and educationally.  We especially like the intergenerational activities he has an opportunity to participate in.  We are so happy to know each day we leave our son at daycare, he will be at a place where he is so loved and nurtured by his teachers and the center staff."

"The Nurturing Nook, which is nationally accredited, is by far the BEST daycare in the area.  My daughter has attended the Glendale location since 3 months old and I knew the minute we walked in the door for our visit that this was the place for us.  The staff is wonderful and they have come to be like our extended family.  My daughter always has to say good morning and good night to her current/former teachers and I think that is an example of the type of environment she is in.  At almost 3 years old, her skills are off the chart in terms of language development, counting, adding, spelling and social skills.  Every teacher there loves each child and truly cares about their job and it shows."

"Both of my daughters attended The Nurturing Nook from the age of 12 weeks until they started K4.  We loved our time at the Nook!  All of the teachers and staff are very caring and knowledgeable professionals.  I feel the Nook gave my daughters a great foundation to start their school careers."

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